M60 vascular group meeting

Northwest Vascular Group Meeting The next meeting of the Northwest M60 Group will be held on Monday evening 20 April 2009.  Mr Vince Smyth, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, from Manchester Royal Infirmary will chair the event. There will be a finger buffet available from 6.00 pm and the meeting will commence at 6.30 pm, lasting for approximately for an hour. The programme for the evening is listed below.  I also enclose for your information a copy of the programme for the joint meeting with the Mersey group, to be held on 14 October 2009. Best wishes.Yours sincerely,Mr J G Mosley       
Consultant General & Vascular Surgeon
          P R O G R A M M E ü      Non-percutaneous IVC filter removalMiss R Archibald, SHO in Vascular Surgery, Manchester Royal Infirmary ü      Revascularizing the brainMr H Patel, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Salford Royal Foundation Hospital ü      Plaque angiogenesis, growth factors and  carotid symptomsMo Choudhury, Medical Student, Manchester Royal Infirmary ü      Vulnerable carotid plaque: An ultrasound perspectiveDr Mark Black, Vascular Laboratory, Manchester Royal Infirmary ü      Current endovascular practice Down UnderMr Michael Murphy, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Manchester Royal Infirmary

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